Is Chamomile Tea a Diuretic?

Chamomile Diuretic

Chamomile which has been utilized as an organic remedy ever since the ancient times, is still widely popular because of the simple fact that it contains a variety of bioactive phytochemicals that have remedial benefits. Several of the crucial therapeutic advantages of Chamomile tea are that it helps cardiovascular conditions, induces the immunity response while offering some defense against many forms of cancer. Additionally, there are lots of literary works available within the scholastic community that speaks about a variety of the health-related benefits of Chamomile on the whole body such as the diuretic effects.

Chamomile tea also referred to as  a “hot infusion” which is actually a far more accurate expression considering the fact that chamomile is not really one of the tea plants. It is actually well known that black and green teas consists of caffeine, having said that this isn’t the situation with herbal infusions. Chamomile incorporates constituents that exhibit some diuretic attributes, which then causes an individual’s system to shed water by inducing more frequent urination. This is the reason it’s very important that a person seek advice from their health care provider prior to utilizing substantial amounts of Chamomile tea for that sole goal of weight-loss or other health problems.

Diuretic Effects of Chamomile

In order to thoroughly understand the diuretic properties of Chamomile tea it is important that you understand what diuretics are as well as what their mechanism of action is?

  • Diuretics primarily trigger a boost in water absorption within urinary system mainly inside the kidneys, hence leading to an enhanced rate of urination.
  • A number of classes of diuretics are present based upon how and exactly where they impact our kidneys; nevertheless, they all trigger a heightened water reduction in our body. Apart from Chamomile, caffeinated drinks are among the most regularly consumed beverages with strong diuretic attributes. Diuretics have a lot of health advantages that may be useful for ailments including congestive heart failure or CHF, liver cirrhosis, plus some kidney related illnesses, in accordance with the book “Human Biochemistry and Disease.” Having said that, it is  typical whenever people start using a particular medicine or product, they often times abuse it. This is often the situation with diuretics. They are often abused for losing weight fast which can lead to dehydration, electrolyte and mineral imbalances and pH level changes.
  • The overall health promoting results of chamomile tea ended up being evaluated in a research study that involved fourteen volunteers all of whom consumed about 5 servings of the herbal tea in their daily schedule for 2 straight weeks. Regular urine samples were acquired and analyzed throughout the course of the study, before and after drinking chamomile tea. However, it was found that chamomile tea consumption resulted in a significant increase in urinary levels of hippurate and glycine, which have known to be related with increased antibacterial activity. Other study findings suggested that of the herbal diuretics, Cham­omile alleviated hypertension related symptoms resulting in a significantly lowered systolic blood pressure by increasing urinary output.

Chamomile Diuretic

This overall health related findings of chamomile tea may be authenticated in clinical studies with the goal of amplifying chamomile tea as a promising therapeutic agent. Furthermore, without evidence based exploration it remains to be seen whether or not the therapeutic benefits of chamomile tea are absolutely advantageous. Nevertheless, it can be deemed that the distinguish and appropriate consumption of chamomile preparations is safe and offers therapeutic benefits.