Using Chamomile Tea for Anxiety: Benefits & Health Advice

chamomile for anxiety

Chamomile tea, made from none other than the chamomile flower, has long been accepted for both it’s beauty benefits as well as medicinal uses. The Chamomile flower is a lovely white-pedaled flower with a yellow center and has a similar look to the daisy.  As a native plant to Australia, Asia, North America and Europe, it is known for its strong aroma and comes into bloom in the early summer months. Chamomile flower looks like a daisy and shows off its pretty white petals and yellow centers. Native to Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, this beautiful flower blossoms during early summers. Chamomile tea is golden in color and has a delectable, fruity flavor. This delightful herbal remedy is great for stress relief, and a great natural stress relief tool.  Chamomile tea for dog’s anxiety is also one of the many great home remedies for anxiety for your lovely pets.

Chamomile Tea: Health Benefits

Chamomile tea has many muscle relaxing properties. A few include it’s ability to relax muscles connected to the  uterus and gives the drinker relief from the cramps linked to the menstrual cycle and reduces muscle spasms by increasing glycine. Because of the  muscle relaxing properties, a hard day of life can be washed away by curling up on the couch and enjoying a cup hot cup of chamomile tea.

A Tea With Drug Like Activity

Is chamomile tea good for anxiety? Chamomile is part of the world of natural supplements for anxiety. Chamomile and it’s anxiety relieving powers have been under scientific study since the 1980s. Reports have shown that the naturally present chemicals found in chamomile have the same effects as the typical anxiety reducing drugs.   What is the difference?  Chamomile has no ill side effects the drugs usually have linked with them.  Chamomile is widely accepted as a safe alternative to help reduce anxiety.  Chamomile tea offers the benefit of sedating properties and enjoying chamomile tea on a regular basis can help you become less stressed and anxious and helps with a good night sleep. Can chamomile tea for dogs anxiety be helpful?

Chamomile is a herb that calms the nerves and often induces sleep in humans and dogs. Give your dog a few sips (or licks) of chamomile tea before a stressful event. You can also soak food or treats in the tea to ensure the dog will eat it and the tea will be absorbed.

Feeling Anxious? Chamomile Tea Can Work Miracles!

Today’s life, in a nut shell, is a rat race and can be a rather stressful world to live in which tends to have us living a life of worry, depression, being anxious or upset.

Is All Chamomile the Same?

Several varieties of chamomile can be found worldwide. Two stand above the crowd and known very well in the alternative medicine world for their wonderful health perks. German  chamomile , or matricaria recutita is one that is a target for current research and the other widely used chamomile is the Roman chamomile, or chamaemelum nobile.

Prescription medications tend to have high costs, social stigma, dependence risks and unpleasant side effects.  Due to the downfalls people are beginning to choose natural and affordable alternatives to boost wellness.

Traditional healers have always loved to recommended chamomile tea for a delicious, healthy and simple anxiety-relieving tool. Chamomile herbal tea is one many teas known and well respected for it’s calming effects and has been used dating back to historical times. If you’ve found yourself feeling stressed or anxious, you ma want to head to your local herbalist and enjoy a soothing hot cup of chamomile tea. Steep a cup, sit back and relax while inhaling the lovely fragrance. Aromatherapy is very beneficial aromatherapy.  Unwind, clear the min, let the chamomile teas was your worries away.