About Us

Hello, I’m Annie

Hello, I’m Annie Barn, editor of this online resource dedicated to the wonder plant chamomile. Together with a talented team of holistic health practitioners and authors interested in herbalism and natural remedies, we’ve created this first site entirely dedicated to chamomile and its many benefits.

Our Story

Herbs and natural remedies have fascinated me since childhood. I fondly remember the days when, as a young girl, I was going on walks in the fields in my neighborhood and pick plants along the way to dry them and prepare my own herbal tea concoctions.

As time passed, this fascination for plants and their properties has not faded. I wanted to share my passion and decided to start with one of the most important medicinal herbs: Chamomile.

Chamomile tea, a personal favorite

Of all the teas, and particularly herbal teas, chamomile is a personal favorite. Why? It’s naturally soothing and can bring a feeling of relaxation and well being with just a single cup of tea. Easy to prepare, it’s a quick fix to the stress of the day or lingering anxiety we may have brought back from work.

We love the versatility of chamomile. As a traditional medicinal plant, it’s used in many natural remedies, from digestive and anti-inflammatory help to cosmetic applications, and more. Yay chamomile!

A primer on chamomile

This online resource guide is the first in a series intended to promote the role of plants and herbal remedies, bringing new life to ancestral, natural ways.

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